Five Easy Tips to Help You Stick to a Home Remodeling Budget

Switching up your space is a fun way to breathe new life into a home that’s outdated or out of style. However, many homeowners become too emotionally invested in their projects and end up blowing their budgets after months of dreaming about the perfect new granite island or white kitchen cabinets for their Bergen County homes.

Whether you’re just making some slight changes to the color of your home or you’re looking at a full home renovation, we’d like to share these tips to help you stay on-budget and on-track so you can achieve that new look for your home!

  • Get real with your finances. The first step to creating a budget is to look at what you can reasonably afford to renovate. Take a hard look at your post-tax income and decide whether or not you’ll be able to squeeze supplies, contractors, and potentially hotel space (if the renovation will leave you out of your home) into your budget. Being realistic will help you avoid falling into a financial nightmare and being left with a half-renovated home.
  • Plan, plan, and plan some more. Most homeowners who run into budgetary issues when renovating do so because they don’t plan ahead. Lay out a complete budget and plan for every change you want to make to your home and do so before starting any kind of demolition.
  • Hire based on reviews. Hiring the wrong contractor can leave you with shoddy work or a massive bill. Make sure you shop around for contractors, and never hire anyone until you’ve read their Angie’s List or Google Business reviews.
  • Do some DIY. There are tons of small DIY home improvement projects that can affordably be done by even an amateur. Switching up kitchen hardware, adding a fresh coat of paint, or switching out a light bulb style can give your home a whole new look and feel without the bills of a full renovation.
  • Know where to shop. Skipping the big box stores and heading to Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers can help you save some serious cash. With a massive selection of every home improvement necessity from cabinets to bathroom vanities in Bergen County, Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers is your one-stop-shop to a more beautiful home.

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