When you purchase a home, the first thing you want to do is inject a little of your personal style and flair into the interior design. However, when it comes time to move onto bigger and better spaces, potential buyers may be put off by your design choices. The spring season is the biggest for home sales—is your home’s design going to appeal to buyers? If you’ve invested in one of these three trends that buyers can’t stand, consider going back to basics with classic custom kitchen cabinetry in New York to get a universal look that everyone will love.

  • Reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood can be tricky. As a coffee table or island counter, reclaimed wood can give your home a nautical and indie feel. However, when used for cabinets, reclaimed wood has a tendency to look sloppy and hazardous. Avoid this trend in your cabinetry if you want to increase the value of your home.
  • Mixed metals. Mixing metals in the kitchen might be a big trend on Pinterest and Instagram, but home buyers aren’t in love with the look. If you’re committed to the look of mixed metals but still want to retain the value of your home, go with mixed metal hardware that can easily be swapped out.
  • Open shelving. Open shelving is a design trend that goes in and out of style, but can seriously put off the average buyer who is looking to maximize their kitchen space. If you have an open shelving plan, our custom cabinetry services in Passaic County can help you decide on the best cabinet series to work with your aesthetics…and attract more buyers.

Whether you’re looking to improve your home in time for an upcoming spring sale or you’re just looking to invest in a more classic design for your home, Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers can help you achieve the look you’re going for at a fraction of the price. Just give us a call to get started today!