5 Home Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen This Fall

5 Home Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen This Fall. Read our blog post to get expert advice on kitchen & bathroom makeovers now!

5 Home Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen This Fall

5 Home Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen This Fall: Kitchens are the social hubs of every household. They are the spaces where we entertain guests, celebrate birthdays, and eat Sunday breakfasts. Most of us spend a significant amount of time inside our kitchens and enjoy renovating, decorating and updating the special space. At Direct Depot, we love to help our customers find creative ways to decorate their kitchens, and we’ve got five favorites that will get any kitchen looking great for fall in a matter of hours. Get ready to be inspired.

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    1.Get creative with color schemes.

Some people like sticking to monochromatic color schemes, while others like to go for the bold. Even if you do go the monochromatic route, you can still add an interesting twist with orange and green zig-zags or earth-tone swirls against a backsplash or along the base of a counter. If you don’t have a lot of shelf or cabinet space, you can also consider putting up a few floating shelves for your kitchen accessories or small appliances.

  1.  Build new cabinets.

Are you looking for custom cabinets in New Jersey? Direct Depot can help you come up with some wonderful cabinet additions for your fall kitchen makeover. The ideas are endless with everything from kitchen island cabinets to large, custom-built wall cabinets to kitchen desk cabinet ideas, too. You can set up a charging station at your desk and even get cabinets installed to hold all of your work supplies or school books.

    3.Consider storage.

Even if you are limited on space, you can always get creative with space-saving storage ideas.  The limits are endless and there are countless options to choose from. At Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers, we provide our customers with some of the best choices out there when it comes to kitchen storage. If you’re looking for help with your storage situation, we can assist. Maybe a 16-inch cube shelving unit fits the bill for linens, plates and silverware. Or maybe you can try out a larger cube for bigger appliances and tableware.

  1. Use wall space effectively.

Many kitchen do-overs include decorative touches with wallpaper. If you switched up the look of your kitchen with new colors, then you can go ahead and add fall colors on a focal wall. Go with bright yellows, greens, and oranges for a fresh look if you’re feeling bold. For a crisp fall look, you can even add some natural fiber art-work or maybe a few harvest themed prints, as well.

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  1. Try some chalkboard paint.  

With a small can of chalkboard paint, you can dress up any wall. Black is a distinctive color that will draw attention to your kitchen wall and it lends itself to many artistic representations. Make a dinner menu, or even a wine menu for your guests. When it comes to kitchen renovation in New Jersey, Direct Depot has you covered.

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