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Custom Cabinets NJDirect Depot Kitchen Wholesalers offers custom cabinetry in addition to semi-custom cabinets at our Little Falls showroom.  We understand that every home is unique, and your cabinetry should reflect your individual style and needs. That’s why we offer an extensive range of custom cabinets designed to elevate your space to new heights of elegance and functionality.

We are located in Little Falls at 24 Newark Pompton Turnpike Suite 201, Little Falls, NJ 07424.  Our showroom is expansive and our professional design team is equipped to help you build your dream kitchen.

custom cabinets NJ

Fine Custom Cabinetry In Little Falls New Jersey

Custom & Semi-Custom Cabinets - Up To 65% Off MSRP!

Inset Cabinets

Fully Customizable
Superior 3/4″ Plywood Construction
500,000+ Color & Door Style Combinations
Lifetime Warranty | Made in America

Overlay Cabinets

1/2″ & 5/8″ Plywood Construction
Quick Delivery
Limited Color & Style Options
5 Year Warranty | Assembled in America

Full-access Cabinets

Fully Custom
5/8″ Particle Board or Plywood
Many Color & Door Style Options
100 Year Warranty | Made in America 

Crafting Your Dream Space With Custom Cabinets By Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers

Allow Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers to craft your dream space with our fine custom cabinetry for kitchen and bath.  We will begin the process with a free design consultation, where you will use our proprietary software to visualize your kitchen and any design ideas you may have.  There are so many benefits of working with Direct Depot Kitchens, here are just a few!

Cabinets 100% Tailored to Perfection

Our team of skilled craftsmen takes pride in creating custom cabinets that are tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you’re envisioning sleek modern designs, timeless classics, or something entirely unique, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Premium Quality Materials & Popular Brand Names

We believe that exceptional craftsmanship begins with premium materials. That’s why we source only the finest hardwoods, veneers, and finishes to ensure that your custom cabinets not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

Endless Possibilities From Start To Finish

With Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers, the possibilities are endless. From custom sizes and configurations to intricate details and innovative storage solutions, we offer a wide array of options to suit your aesthetic preferences and practical requirements.

Personalized Service & Assistance With Our Design Team

Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized service every step of the way. From initial design consultation to final installation of kitchen cabinets, we strive to exceed your expectations and make the process of creating your dream space as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Experience the Difference In Our Custom Cabinetry & Design Assistance

Discover the difference that custom cabinets from Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers can make in transforming your home. Visit our showroom or contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on the journey towards a kitchen that truly reflects your unique style and personality.

Contact Us To Learn About Bespoke Custom Cabinet Solutions

Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers exemplifies excellence in bespoke custom cabinet solutions. Our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through in every custom creation, resulting in personalized spaces that exceed expectations. By blending innovative design concepts with high-quality materials, Direct Depot ensures that each custom cabinet is a true reflection of the client’s vision and style. Whether it’s maximizing storage efficiency, integrating unique features, or simply achieving a specific aesthetic, our team of skilled artisans delivers unparalleled results tailored to individual needs. Furthermore, Direct Depot’s commitment to superior service extends to our custom cabinet offerings, with a seamless process from consultation to installation, guided by professionalism and expertise.

For those seeking a truly distinctive and tailored cabinetry solution, Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers is the ultimate destination, where dreams of a perfect space become reality.  Contact us today or visit our showroom in Little Falls, NJ for custom cabinetry in NJ.

Custom Cabinetry In Little Falls New Jersey

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Don’t wait. Home remodeling projects take an average of 3-5 months from start to finish. Start designing your dream kitchen or bath with help from one of our expert designers in our world-class showroom today. 

Custom Cabinets Little Falls NJ: FAQs

Custom cabinetry refers to cabinets that are specifically designed and built to fit your unique space and requirements. These cabinets are typically crafted by skilled artisans and offer limitless options in terms of design, materials, and finishes. 

Custom cabinets are entirely made-to-order, with every aspect tailored to your preferences. Semi-custom cabinets offer some degree of customization but are built using pre-existing designs and dimensions, providing a balance between customization and affordability.

Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers is located at 24 Newark Pompton Turnpike (Rt. 23) Little Falls, NJ 07424.
You can view our extensive selection of custom cabinetry by visiting our showroom at 24 Newark Pompton Turnpike (Rt. 23) Little Falls, NJ 07424, or you can explore our website to see a variety of styles, finishes, and design options.

At Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers, we carry top-quality brands such as Decora, UltraCraft, and Diamond Cabinetry, among others.

Custom cabinetry can be more expensive than stock or semi-custom options due to the personalized design, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship involved. However, the investment often pays off in terms of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Custom cabinets offer the advantage of being tailored precisely to your needs and preferences, resulting in superior quality, design flexibility, and longevity compared to stock cabinetry, which is pre-made and may have limited options for customization.

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