Choosing the Right Color for Your New Kitchen Cabinets

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Choosing the Right Color for Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Choose the right color for your new kitchen cabinets: If you’re looking to choose the right color for your new kitchen cabinets, you’ve found the right post. You’ve obtained new kitchen cabinets that will spice up the look of the overall kitchen. The cabinets will give you far more storage in the kitchen if they’re your first cabinets. If they’re replacing older ones, the new ones will function better thanks to their freshness. But the look of the cabinets is an important factor. It will be tough for you to nail down the best color before and after they’ve been installed in the kitchen. Once a color is chosen, it will be too difficult of an ordeal to change them. This is why it’s good to have tips regarding how to choose a different color.

Consider How Large or Small Your Kitchen Is

The overall size of the kitchen makes a big difference regarding the best color choice. Some colors will help brighten a smaller kitchen. This factor alone will make the kitchen feel larger than it is. Other colors will make it feel too cramped and busy. Shades too bright will make the kitchen feel dated.

Muted colors are best for small kitchens. But classic white will also work well. These are two color choices that will make the kitchen look attractive and feel larger. The non-white colors also include the likes of light green and powder blue. The cabinet colors chosen will be further amplified with a glossy finish. These will all make the kitchen look attractive for your needs or when you have company over.

Meanwhile, both light and dark colors will look good in a larger kitchen. But this depends on how they’re used. Too many bright colors in a large space will be overwhelming for anyone inside. This feeling will be amplified with too much white. This will make the kitchen feel like a hospital room. Remember that the kitchen should be cozy and clean for your needs. Mix up colors, but make sure they all mesh with each other. 

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Consider the Existing Finishes

Keep in mind the existing colors of the hard surfaces in the kitchen. This factor will make choosing cabinet colors easier. These surfaces will include countertops and the wall and floor colors. Those won’t change with the cabinets in most cases. The cabinet colors should contrast with these.

If the surfaces are dark, consider the other colors that will mesh with them. The same applies to those with light colors. The colors shouldn’t be competing with each other by being too similar. Dark surfaces contrast with lighter cabinets, and vice versa.

That said, some light colors will work well with each other. Brighter white cabinets work well with cream or off-white color surfaces. The opposite of this will also suffice. 

Different Colors for Adjacent Cabinets

Remember that cabinets make up the visual bulk of the kitchen. Getting clever with the color design and coordination will help spice up the kitchen’s look. For example: The lighter-colored cabinets will look good while mounted on a wall. This will doubly be the case when being contrasted with a white wall in the backdrop.

Meanwhile, darker colors should be considered for the cabinets at the kitchen’s base. These should mesh nicely with the floor, especially if it’s a darker non-black color. Darker color cabinets for the base are an even better choice for houses with kids and pets. Cabinets with lighter colors are prone to showing dirt and scratches at the base. 

Have and Remember a Specific Design Style

Considering color choices can be a difficult task. Another way to make this easier is to keep a specific design style in mind. This will help you nail down the look you want to go for.

Do you want a more traditional-looking kitchen? Creamy white, beige, and gray-ish cabinets will work. They’ll mesh to provide a cozy and luxurious feel for the kitchen. Dark-stained wood cabinets will mesh with light stone countertops. This will also create a luxurious feel in the kitchen.

Maybe you want a more modern-looking kitchen. This will include a bunch of natural wood. It can also have a bunch of blues, greens, or even pink colors that work well with each other. Red and yellow will be suitable colors here. The kitchen can reflect your personality.

Simply keep in mind the look you want the kitchen to have before choosing the cabinet colors. Not doing so, or changing your mind midway through the process, will prolong everything. It will create more work for yourself, and potentially cost more money.

Keep in Mind the Other Hardware You Plan to Update

Remember that all the colors of the cabinets and appliances in the kitchen should mix well with each other. It’s one matter to consider the colors of the cabinets themselves. But another easy way to figure out the color to nail down is the other hardware you plan to upgrade.

Perhaps you’re getting new countertops. Maybe you’re looking to get a new refrigerator or stove. The colors of these will help nail down a color for the cabinets. If they have a light color to them, consider another lighter color or a darker one to contrast. Try to avoid using too many of the same colors for each part of the kitchen. This will prevent it from looking and feeling dated or unsettling.

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Choosing the Right Color for Your New Kitchen Cabinets

There are multiple factors that will make choosing the best color for kitchen cabinets easier. Consider how large or small your kitchen is. This will help choose a color that makes the kitchen feel larger than it is, and cozier. Also make sure the colors work well with existing finishes in the kitchen. Having different colors for adjacent cabinets will also work well. Darker base cabinets will work even better around kids and pets. Keep a specific style in mind to make the choice easier. Also consider whether the cabinet colors will blend with other kitchen hardware being upgraded. This will help you choose the right color for your new kitchen cabinets.

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