Custom Cabinets and Countertops in Chatham, NJ

Stop by the largest custom kitchen showroom and marvel at our fascinating displays!

Here at Direct Depot Kitchens, we offer over 50 bath and kitchen displays with various options and accessories offered by our manufacturers. Simply browse through our custom kitchen showroom to view the various beautiful displays offered and try out our private interactive design rooms. There is also a children’s playroom and a café with vending machines.

High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets in Chatham, NJ

We specialize in designing, selling, and delivering high-quality kitchen cabinets in Chatham, New Jersey. Our cabinets are proudly made in America and are specially crafted for durability while providing various features and benefits. We invest heavily in the production and designing of our kitchen cabinets to ensure that every cabinet is exquisitely crafted for perfection and customer satisfaction.

Beautiful Countertops in Chatham, NJ

Outdated and plain-looking countertops will soon be a thing of the past for your kitchen. Choose from a variety of beautiful and stylish countertop designs that comes with various customizable options. Not only will you be spoiled for choice, but we are sure that you will be amazed at the finish and design of our countertops.

Why Choose Direct Depot Kitchens?

Direct Depot Kitchens provides free professional design services, measurement services, and sells free decorative hardware. Our team of designers will take the time to go through the design and layout together with you while ensuring that your bathroom or kitchen is measured precisely and accurately.

To find out more about the kitchen cabinets and countertops we offer in Chatham, NJ, feel free to contact us or book an appointment today.