Inspiration for a Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Inspiration for a Mediterranean Style Kitchen. Read our blog post to get expert advice on kitchen & bathroom makeovers now!

Inspiration for a Mediterranean Style Kitchen

Inspiration for a Mediterranean Style Kitchen: Since ancient times, the hearth has been the center of the home. The goddess of the hearth was known as Hestia to the Greeks and Vesta to the Romans, and she played an important part in everyday life in both cultures. After all, the hearth not only provided warmth, but it was also where food was prepared. Then, as today, mealtimes were when friends and family to gather together and partake in the delicious food that someone worked hard to prepare.

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We believe that the kitchen is still the heart of the home, which is exactly why it deserves to be the most beautiful room in your home. In honor of these ancient cultures, we’re bringing you some Mediterranean inspiration for your kitchen:

  • Colors: Warm tans and browns are common for larger areas like floors and cabinetry. Accent colors should be bold. Blues and green tones are popular accent colors because they are reminiscent of the sea. Bright reds and oranges can also be used for a splash of spicy color.
  • Countertops: Natural materials are the most common material for a Mediterranean countertop, particularly stones such as granite or marble. A countertop with natural beauty will be sure to remind you of the gorgeous marble sculptures created by the Greeks and Romans. If natural stone goes outside of your budget, opt for a material that captures the look of stone, like resin or recycled glass.
  • Cabinets: Most Mediterranean kitchens will have a traditional or transitional appearance, so you’ll want to choose your cabinets accordingly. Cabinets with more decorative panels will look appealing. We have a huge selection of discount kitchen cabinets in our NJ showroom to help you find the ideal cabinets for your new kitchen at a reasonable price.
  • Other elements: One place that homeowners like to get creative with Mediterranean kitchens is with the backsplash of their stove. A glass mosaic that depicts a vineyard or seascape will add visual interest while being reminiscent of ancient mosaics. Even furniture and appliances can be used to tie the theme of your kitchen together.

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When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, consider bringing in the warmth of the Mediterranean. When you speak to one of our designers about your ideas, he or she will be able to help you plan everything, including choosing quality wholesale kitchen cabinets from our NJ showroom. Start planning the kitchen of your dreams today!

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