Step 1


We invite you to download our Initial Measurement Guide to the right to help you through collecting your measurements.

We are looking for a bird’s eye view of a basic sketch of your space that includes wall-to-wall, window, any doorway, and any appliance dimensions.

We also ask that you bring along some pictures of your space so that your designer can note where electrical and plumbing are located within your home.

We understand that these measurements may not be 100% accurate, and we will verify your measurements closer to the time of purchase to ensure that your kitchen or bathroom design is perfect for your space!

If you are unable to measure your space, we offer in-home measurements for $200- fully refundable with purchase of cabinets!

Having some type of measurements will allow your designer to create your space using 3D Technology, so you can see your design come to life in real time!

Step 2


Schedule your Free Design Consultation and meet one of our top NJ designers to begin working through your ideas, inspiration, and design options!

Your Designer will speak with you about style options, budget-needs, and design options available for your space to create the perfect kitchen!

Schedule an appointment today and receive your FREE 3D Rendering and Quote!

Our expert designers use cutting-edge technology to create realistic 3D designs, allowing you to make design choices in real-time, and showing your design vision in reality.

Only at Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers® will you collaborate with your personal designer in the comfort of a private interactive design room. No sawdust, forklifts, shift changes, or loudspeaker announcements to distract you from your design!

Here you will enjoy the warm company of a friendly and knowledgeable staff while exploring your design options with one of our experts.

Step 3


You will receive your Free 3D Rendering and Quote within 3 days of your Initial Design Consultation!

You can begin to really visualize our kitchen or bathroom renovation and make any design changes with your Designer.

At this point, your Designer will speak to you about free hardware, handle, and cabinet knob options that can be included in your design and purchase.

Your Designer can also price out quotes for countertops, countertop installation,  and cabinetry installation at this time!

From Inspiration to Installation, Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers® is happy to help you every step of the way!

Step 3 Design and Quote
step 4


Completing the renovation process is seamless when working with Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers®!

  • Once you have reviewed your design and quote and are ready to purchase, your Designer or our In-House Installer will come to your home and verify your measurements to ensure the design fits perfectly in your space!
  • Place a $1,000 deposit(or 10% of your final quote, whichever is  less).
  • Meet with your Designer for a final review of all components included in your design and purchase.
  • Final Contracts and Plans are sent to you from your Designer.
  • Once payment is completed, your order is sent into production.
  • After production, your cabinetry is delivered fully assembled!
  • Comprehensive Installation Guides will be sent to you. *If you have purchased our In-House Installation Services, these documents will be provided to your Installer.
Triple Check Promise!