How to Be Prepared for Your Kitchen Design Consultation

How to Be Prepared for Your Kitchen Design Consultation. Read our blog post to get expert advice on kitchen & bathroom makeovers now!

How to Be Prepared for Your Kitchen Design Consultation

How to Be Prepared for Your Kitchen Design Consultation: You are in the works to have your kitchen remodeled, so you schedule an appointment at our showroom for a free design consultation. Awesome! Like most homeowners, you are probably eager to create your very own kitchen and cannot wait for the meeting to take place. In the meantime, however, there are a couple of things you should do to be prepared for the design session. The best kitchens come to life when the homeowner knows what they want and can convey their vision to the designer.

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You might be thinking: well, how do I do that? Let us count the kitchen remodeling ways! First, you should find out what to expect from our complementary design consultations, which is a topic we covered in our previous post. Once you understand what your design consultation will entail, it’s time to prep! But remember, don’t stress yourself out! Our experienced and talented design consultants are here to help you every step of the way, whether you are looking for traditional kitchen cabinets or modern kitchen cabinets in NJ. Here’s what to do:

Create a File with All of Your Ideas!

Sure, you might have some idea of how you want your kitchen to look. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so any photos, clippings, or descriptions you can gather will help the designer understand your vision. Do some research like internet surfing and flipping through magazines to check out the latest design trends (white kitchen cabinets in New Jersey is a popular one!). You can also create a digital “ idea book” on Houzz and then share it with the designer.

Think About Functionality!

Making your kitchen look gorgeous is one thing, but having it be functional is another. Think about what you’d like to be able to do in your new kitchen and how you prefer to use it. A great tactic for analyzing this is to write down what you love and what you hate about your current kitchen, so that those aspects can later be applied to the design.

Bring Your Flooring, Paint, Tile, and Other Samples to the Appointment.

To pick out cabinets that coincide with the rest of the room’s elements, bring any samples you have with you to the appointment. The designer will help you decide on a set of cabinetry that accommodates the atmosphere of the room as a whole.

Get the Measurements of Your Kitchen Space.

Don’t forget to bring the measurements of the kitchen layout with you as well! These specifications will determine the size and dimensions of your custom cabinets. Use our free design planner to guide you with the measurements.

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Once you have all these details together, you will be more than prepared for your kitchen design consultation! With thousands of cabinet options available, you can be sure to achieve the kitchen you desire. Soon enough, the only thing you’ll be preparing for is a housewarming celebration to show off your brand new kitchen!

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