The Value of American Custom Cabinets

The Value of American Custom Cabinets. Read our blog post to get expert advice on kitchen & bathroom makeovers now!

The Value of American Custom Cabinets

The Value of American Custom Cabinets: Ah, the good ole U.S.A. Home of the Brave, baseball, freedom, summer barbecues and quality cabinetry.

That’s right, quality cabinetry. Much like with a variety of other products, sure, Chinese-made cabinets are cheaper than their American counterparts, but you get what you pay for, and when it comes to your kitchen, that saying is especially true.

The low cost of cookie cutter imported cabinets might be enticing, but the spirit and quality of American craftsmanship just can’t be paralleled. And the fact of the matter is, there’s always the easy way.

These are the reasons why custom American cabinets blow Chinese cookie cutter knock offs clear out of the water, making their slightly higher prices worth all your while. After you’re done reading, peruse our site to see our selection of custom cabinets for your New Jersey home!

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They’re Made Better

A better made cabinet begins with sturdy plywood, so don’t be surprised if your American cabinet features ¾ in. thick plywood made from domestic trees. Furthermore, it’ll likely be coated with a highly durable finish, protecting it from scratches and water damage. Drawers and doors will be made from solid wood, as well. And finally, metal components (like hinges) will be constructed of sturdy, long-lasting steel.

You Have More Options

With imported cookie cutter cabinetry, you get what you get and that’s that. Custom made pieces allow you to have much more say in the outcome of the product in terms of color, finish, and style to match the interior design. Not all kitchens are laid out the same, so by purchasing custom made cabinets, they can be sized and cut to best-fit your room’s layout individually, allowing you to maximize space. Take our Starmark cabinets, for example – their custom line boasts over 500,000 different looks and they can be modified to adhere to the room’s design.

They’re Timeless

Trends come and go, but American craftsmanship always seems to withstand the test of time. And since your custom American cabinets will be durable enough for years and years, it’s an added benefit that their aesthetics will be relevant during that entire span of time. To back up that durability, the cabinets come with a lifetime warranty compared to imported cabinets, which typically come with a warranty of only one year.

The Downsides of Cheap Chinese/Imports

  • Poor quality parts
    • Chinese cabinets are made with a weak plywood panel stock.
  • Easily damaged
    • For one, they’re not finished with any coatings that protect them from scrapes and scratches, which means they can occur VERY easily. The metal parts aren’t made of steel like they should be, so their inability to bear much weight poses major issues.
  • Short Warranty
  • Imported cabinets will usually only come with a 1-year warranty (or no warranty at all) because they aren’t built to last.
  • No Modification of Cabinet Sizes
  • The Color and Finish Can’t Be Changed

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So go ahead, put your hand over your heart, and pledge allegiance to American made cabinetry. Whether you’re in the market for new kitchen cabinets in your Westchester, NY home, or elsewhere, you’ll certainly be glad you did.

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