What Is the Average Lifespan of Kitchen Cabinets?

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What Is the Average Lifespan of Kitchen Cabinets?

If you’re looking to know the average lifespan of kitchen cabinets, you’ve found the right post. The kitchen is one of the most central parts of a home. It might even be the most important one, depending on how often it’s used. This is where the direct family will gather for meals on a nearly-daily basis. It’s where the extended family will gather during their get-togethers in a year. Among the most important aesthetic parts of the kitchen are the cabinets. They’ll look nice for a good while, and serve their purpose for storage functionality. But they won’t last forever. It’s good to know their lifespan. This will help determine when it’s time to replace them.

The Lifespan for Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets will be among the longest-lasting aesthetic elements in the kitchen. They’ll outlast most appliances in the area. They’re also likely to outlast the sink, faucet, and most countertops. The average lifespan, however, will vary depending how well they’re cared for. This will also depend on the materials they’re made from. High-quality and properly-maintained cabinets will last for an average of 50 years.

It’s best when the cabinets such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets and vanities are made with durability in mind. The best cabinets are made to withstand moisture. Well-made cabinets can take minor spills from the inside. They’ll also withstand minor accidents from the outside. But too many minor spills or a couple of major spills will be catastrophic. Too much moisture will warp even cabinets made from the sturdiest materials. 

The cabinets themselves will last for an average of 50 years. It’s possible they’ll need polishing and refurbishing before then. This is part of the process of taking care of the cabinet.

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When the Cabinet Will Need Work

Even the most efficiently-built cabinet will take some damage over time. They’ll sustain potential issues from minerals like water, heat, and grease. All of these will warp the cabinets by weakening their foundations. Too much damage will lead to several issues. It will lead to the cabinet doors not closing properly. A good cleaning and refurbishing will keep the cabinets working well. But if they sustain too much damage over this period, they’ll need to be repaired. 

Too much water and moisture damage will also lead to the doors sticking. The hinges of the doors and drawers might also get squeaky and stiff. The finishes will start peeling as well. It shouldn’t be an extra hassle to merely store food and other wares in the cabinets. Not to mention that the cabinets should continue looking good for the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.

It’s also possible for the cabinets to sustain too much damage. When this happens, the cabinets will need a full replacement. Damaged cabinets will negatively affect the aesthetics of the kitchen. This will go double if the issues are visible on the outside. This will also make the cabinets unsafe to use over time. Sagging shelves, for example, will make it difficult to securely store items. Structural cracks in the cabinet will also weaken their overall stability. These will lead to more accidents happening. Larger damage will lead to costly repairs.

It’s one matter to maintain the cabinets to ensure that they’ll achieve their desired longevity. But repairs and replacements will be necessary if they become unsafe to use.

The Style Might Get Outdated

There’s another less serious matter that remains important for aesthetics. The styles shown in kitchens will change over time, between decades. The desired longevity of cabinets will be hampered by styles going out of date.

There’s a higher chance of this happening when other parts of the kitchen get replaced. Other kitchen appliances and functions will go out of date over time too. These will include the countertops and the sink. Other appliances like the refrigerator and mixers are likely to be changed before cabinets too. These are likely to be replaced with newer appliances and tops over time. The newer addition to the kitchen will represent newer styles. But the aesthetics will clash when new-style appliances are paired with older-looking cabinets. This will happen even if the cabinet functionalities haven’t been hampered.

The cabinets won’t reach the 50-year average if updates are necessary. But there’s also a chance of the cabinet aesthetics falling out of favor by then. They could bring down the entire look of the kitchen. Perhaps nice and sleek white or black cabinets will benefit the kitchen. It’s worth looking around the kitchen and carefully considering the best look.

Tips for Updating the Kitchen Style

You might prefer not having to update the kitchen cabinets. This will especially apply when they’re still functional. But if their style goes out of date during the long timespan, this time will come. Fortunately, there are tips to consider when buying new ones.

For one: Carefully consider a modern style for the kitchen. This style will ideally benefit the other modern kitchen appliances and the sink. For another tip: A modern style will last for a good amount of time. If the cabinets remain in style for a good time, perhaps they’ll reach that 50-year mark.

It’s worth taking care of the cabinets to make sure they meet that average lifespan. Keep moisture and spills to a minimum. Make sure the humidity in the house isn’t too overbearing during a given time. Wooden cabinets will only last for several decades if they’re well taken care of.

This is also the time to consider the functions you want new cabinets to have. It depends on whether you like doors or drawers more.

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What Is the Average Lifespan of Kitchen Cabinets?

The kitchen cabinets will last for an average of 50 years. But this will only happen when they’re well taken care of. If the cabinets sustain minimal damage, refurbishing and repairs will be needed. But if they sustain too much damage, they’ll need replacement. New cabinets will also be necessary if the current ones go out of date aesthetically. Consider modern cabinets that will last for several decades when buying new ones. Also make sure they’re taken care of over time. This is the average lifespan of kitchen cabinets.

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